Our story began (it was March 2015) when Dalibor decided to make me a chopping board! He brought it home, and full of excitement, he told me how incredible it can be to create something so beautiful and at the same time so functional, from a simple piece of wood!

And here we are now; something that we never thought of became our devotion and our family business. We continuously grow through the process of manufacture and we learn for the wood, from the wood.
Dalibor & Kristina

A lovely accessory for your kitchen

Never cut a tree down

For us, the manufacturing of wood chopping and serving boards is a creative and inspiring process. It brings out our skills and manifests our ongoing creativity, which is a result of our long-term and continuous engagement in fine arts!

The simple way of living, in Harmony with the nature gifts us with Qualities with which we recognize and then we integrate all the Beauties of Mother Earth in our work.

Our Boards

A pleasure in investing in a work which spreads love

We cooperate with the natural sources with love and care, and that is the reason why the processing of the boards is done with a profound sensitivity and respect towards the wood itself. For this reason, we could never cut or hurt a living tree.

Mostly we use walnut wood from Macedonia, which is of high quality and well appreciated in this region, then also oak tree, elm tree; we are especially happy when we have an opportunity to work with more rear types of wood such as the wild cherry, wild pear, chestnut or mulberry. Naturally, we use woods from other regions – we simply cannot resist the beauty of all different species that exist on the Earth!

Thanks to the artisanal approach, the destructive impact on the nature is minimal. We often save same unique species of wood from the villages that the village people are using as a heating source.

We offer handcrafted chopping boards and platters with a unique design, created from a high quality wood, waxed with organic, extra virgin coco oil and glazed with bee wax, safe for use for all those who care about their health, not containing any synthetic supplements.

Our Boards

A unique gift for your dear friends